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Teemore Engineering Ltd stands as a leading manufacturer and supplier of livestock housing and handling equipment, dedicated to putting the customer first from day one. With a legacy spanning over 40 years, they have consistently led their industry by introducing innovations that enhance animal comfort, improve efficiency, and prioritize handler safety.

Founded in 1973 by Mr. Victor Wilson, Teemore Engineering is a family business deeply committed to customer service. Over the decades, we have steadily grown to become one of the foremost suppliers of livestock equipment. Mr. Wilson himself reflects on their philosophy, stating, “From day one, our aim was to put the customer first.” It’s a guiding principle that has served them well for over four decades.

Their products are a testament to their commitment to quality. Teemore Engineering manufactures and supplies equipment of the highest calibre, earning them a well-deserved reputation for reliability, strength, and product longevity that is unmatched in the industry.

In 2011, they took a significant step forward with the opening of a purpose-built production and storage facility. This investment has allowed them to further strengthen our position in the market. Mr. Wilson acknowledges, “Our biggest asset is our workforce. Their skill, dedication, and hard work give them the confidence that what we sell will always be the best.”.

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