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Countryside Stewardship Scheme Overview:
The Countryside Stewardship scheme offers financial incentives to land managers to help them improve the environmental value of their land. It supports a range of activities that contribute to biodiversity, water quality, soil health, and landscape character
Key Features of Countryside Stewardship:

The scheme offers different types of agreements based on the level of commitment and environmental benefits:
  • Mid Tier: Provides funding for a range of environmental improvements, such as hedgerow management, buffer strips, woodland creation, and wildflower margins.
  • Higher Tier: Targets more complex and high-value environmental projects, including habitat restoration, species conservation, and landscape-scale initiatives.

The scheme is open to farmers, foresters, and land managers in England. Eligibility criteria vary depending on the type of land and the specific agreement being applied for.

Participants receive financial support through annual payments for undertaking agreed-upon management practices. Payments are designed to cover part of the costs associated with implementing and maintaining these practices.

Interested land managers must apply for Countryside Stewardship during specific application windows. Applications are assessed based on the environmental benefits they can deliver and their alignment with scheme priorities.
 Capital Grants within Countryside Stewardship:
Capital Grants are one-off payments provided under the Countryside Stewardship scheme to support physical investments that deliver environmental benefits. These grants are intended to fund specific projects that enhance biodiversity, improve water quality, and contribute to sustainable land management.
 Key Points about Capital Grants:

Capital Grants fund a wide range of capital works and investments, including:
  • Habitat Creation and Improvement: Funding for tree planting, hedgerow restoration, creation of ponds or wetlands, and enhancement of grasslands.
  • Water Quality Improvements: Grants for measures like fencing to protect watercourses, installation of livestock drinking troughs, and creation of buffer strips.
  • Access and Infrastructure: Funding for public access improvements, such as footpaths, gates, and interpretation boards.

The scheme may support various types of fencing installations, such as:

The amount of funding available through Capital Grants varies depending on the type and scale of the project. Grants typically cover a given figure of the total project costs. The funding available for fencing projects can cover a significant portion of the total costs.

Land managers must apply for Capital Grants during specific application windows. Applications are assessed based on the proposed project’s environmental benefits, feasibility, and value for money.

Successful applicants must complete the agreed-upon project within a specified timeframe and adhere to reporting requirements outlined in their grant agreement. All materials used within funded projects must comply and be erected in accordance to relevant specifications. Project outcomes are monitored to ensure they meet the desired environmental objectives.
In summary, the Countryside Stewardship scheme, including its Capital Grants component, plays a vital role in promoting sustainable land management and environmental conservation in England. It provides financial support for practical projects that enhance biodiversity, improve water quality, and protect valuable habitats, contributing to the long-term health and resilience of the countryside. Land managers interested in participating in the scheme should consult DEFRA’s official website for detailed guidance on eligibility, application processes, and available grant options.
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