Teemore Brisket Board Bracket

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Designed with practicality and cost-effectiveness in mind, this bracket simplifies the installation of brisket boards, ensuring your animals have the best conditions for rest and well-being.


Fully Adjustable: With just one U-bolt, you can easily secure this bracket to the bottom of the cubicle loop. This simplicity makes installation easy, saving you valuable time.
Timber-Friendly: The Teemore Brisket Board Bracket accommodates timbers, allowing you to join them on the bracket. This versatility ensures a snug and secure fit for your brisket boards.
Optimal Comfort: The bracket is designed to mount timber at a 45-degree angle to the cubicle bed. This angle maximizes comfort for your livestock, ensuring they have the ideal resting conditions.
Cost-Effective: Teemore’s bracket system offers a cost-effective solution for providing brisket boards in your livestock housing. It’s a reliable choice that won’t break the bank.


Bend: 45 Degrees

Ensure the well-being of your animals and streamline your cubicle management with the Teemore Brisket Board Bracket. Install one bracket every second cubicle for an efficient and comfortable setup.

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