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Cows, like any creatures, have natural instincts, and one of them is the need to rub and scratch. This isn’t just about comfort; it’s a vital part of shedding parasites, scabs, and mites. Teemore’s Dairy Scratchy provides the perfect solution for this essential behavior.


Antishock Design: Designed with the well-being of your cows in mind. It prevents injuries that can occur from knocking against concrete and metal building components.
Stress Reduction: The multiple scratch points reduce stress induced by competition and dominance among your herd. A relaxed cow is a healthy cow.
Health Benefits: Beyond satisfying their natural instincts, the scratcher also stimulates blood circulation and contributes to cleanliness, which is crucial for overall cow health.
Compatibility: You can use it in conjunction with cowtail painting, making it a versatile addition to your farm.


Width: With a width of 1000mm, it provides ample space for your cows to scratch.

Invest in Teemore Dairy Scratchy, the ideal low-cost solution to keep your cows content and healthy. Provide them with the care they deserve while maintaining a cost-effective approach to farming.

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