Agriplastic Group Calf Hutch

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The ideal outdoor solution for batch rearing calves. Designed for practicality, comfort, and longevity, this hutch simplifies calf management on your farm. Penning system is an optional extra.


Robust Group Hutch: The Canadian group calf hutch from Agri-plastics is built to withstand the elements. Crafted as one solid piece, it reduces build time and ensures durability for years to come.
Stress Reduction: Transitioning weaned calves into a group hutch eliminates competition for food and water, reducing stress on the calves. They adapt better to being with others, leading to healthier growth.
Optimal Ventilation: The hutch is designed to maintain a comfortable environment for your calves. Its opaque, heat-resistant construction keeps them cool, while a 3-in-1 rear door and rotary vent ensure excellent airflow.
Suitable for Larger Calves: The hutch’s larger height makes it suitable for larger calves, accommodating their needs as they grow.
Disease Control: The optional fence system is designed to house 5–6 calves in a group, reducing disease transfer and fostering social behaviors that are beneficial for their development.


Calf Hutch External

Length: 2170mm
Width: 2460mm
Height: 1900mm

Calf Hutch Internal

Length: 1850mm
Width: 2150mm
Height: 1850mm

Invest in the Agriplastic Group Calf Hutch Complete for a practical and durable solution to calf rearing. It’s designed to simplify your calf management practices while ensuring the well-being of your calves.

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