Jourdain Safety IV Headlock

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The ultimate solution for safe and efficient cattle management in your farm’s shed environment. Crafted with precision, this headlock is designed to provide safety and comfort for both you, the farmer, and your valuable animals.


Versatile Design: Built to suit a wide range of ages and breeds of livestock, this headlock maximizes safety and comfort for all. Whether you’re handling dairy cows or beef cattle, it’s up to the task.
Functionality and Noise Reduction: Engineered for functionality, this headlock incorporates plastic and rubber components to reduce noise, creating a quieter and more efficient working environment.
Panel Linking: You have the flexibility to link up to six panels together, saving you valuable time during cattle management.
Safety First: Safety is paramount with this headlock. It features an anti-choke system that safely releases fallen animals to prevent choking. A calf/heifer guard closes small gaps, minimizing the risk of injuries.
Adjustable Collar Width: Easily adjust the collar width to accommodate animals of different sizes, providing versatility in your cattle management practices.
Durable Construction: All locking pieces are made from galvanized steel, coated in plastic for noise reduction. The headlock steel is hot-dipped galvanized in line with ISO9002
Convenient Locking Mechanism: The handle controlling the locking mechanism has two positions: lock and feed. Switch between them effortlessly by pulling the red safety catch and rotating 180 degrees.
Pendulum Bar: The pendulum bar is bushed at the pivot point for increased longevity, ensuring that this headlock stands the test of time.


Length: 1000mm or 4500mm

Trust in the Jourdain Safety IV Headlock for efficient and safe cattle management. Its unbeatable quality, durability, and focus on safety make it a valuable addition to your farming operations.

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