Bateman Lamb Adopter Hurdle

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Lambing season can be a demanding time on the farm, but the Bateman Lamb Adopter Hurdle is here to make it a little easier. This innovative tool reduces your workload by bringing the adopter to the sheep, rather than the other way around. Here’s how it can simplify your lambing season:


Adjustable Yoke: Comes with an adjustable yoke featuring two mounting positions. This adaptability ensures it can accommodate a wide variety of sheep, making it a versatile addition to your lambing process.
Space-Efficient: Instead of using a traditional adopter unit that takes up valuable space in your barn, this hurdle is mounted into the side of a standard lambing pen. It eliminates the need for bulky equipment, making the most of your available space.
Easy to Move: With two lifting handles and a lightweight design, this adopter hurdle is a breeze to move from pen to pen. You can efficiently manage your lambing process without excessive strain or effort.
Integrated Bucket Holder: Convenience is key during lambing season, and this hurdle doesn’t disappoint. It includes an integrated bucket holder, ensuring you have everything you and the lamb need within reach.

It simplifies your lambing process, saves space, and makes your work more efficient. When every moment counts during lambing season, trust in the practicality of Bateman’s solutions.

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