Arrowquip 3rd Generation Head Scoop

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The 3rd Generation Q-Catch® Cattle Head Scoop takes cattle control to a new level, with enhanced control and durability for optimal performance. Featuring an upgraded design with thicker and heavier components, the 3rd Gen Head Scoop ensures you can perform treatments on your cattle safely and easily, no matter their size or temperament. The Head Scoop is made up of two pieces – a bottom bar with scoop for cattle to rest their chin and top bar to secure the head and prevent thrashing. The two pieces move in a synchronized, scissor-style motion to clamp around the animal’s head securely and provide the handler with up-close access to the animal’s head without placing unnecessary stress on the animal.

The Q-Catch Head Scoop is operated with a single, user-friendly handle that allows you to secure the cows head in place with a smooth motion. The dual friction lock automatically engages without the need for a secondary lock or latch, providing secure cattle head control in any position.

The moment the Head Scoop is secured around their neck, even the most riled up cattle will calm down to be worked safely. The scoop provides cattle with a place to rest their head comfortably while procedures are competed, and the top bar ensures they cannot throw their head around and injure the handlers who are working them.

he Head Scoop is designed specifically for use on Arrowquip cattle crush models, including the Q-Catch 87 and 74 Series and Q-Power 107 and 104 Series cattle crushes. The Yoke Gates on these models allow you to adjust the height to work with cattle of varying sizes with two tension bolts.

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