Teemore Bull Headlock

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Your essential tool for creating a secure and efficient bull pen. Designed with the safety of both animals and farmers in mind, this reinforced headlock is a must-have addition to any bull handling setup.


Adjustable Collar Width: The headlock’s collar width is fully adjustable, accommodating different bull sizes.
Silent Locking Mechanism: The headlock is equipped with a silent locking mechanism, minimizing noise and preventing unnecessary stress for your bulls.
Strengthened Design: This headlock is reinforced to withstand the power of bulls. It provides the durability and sturdiness needed for safe working environments, especially during cleaning and bedding tasks.
Easy, Animal-Proof Operation: The headlock is designed for easy and secure operation. It ensures that once locked, the bull remains safe and secure, reducing the risk of accidents.
Headguard for Injury Prevention: A headguard is included to prevent injuries to the bull, further enhancing safety in the bull pen.


Width: 1000mm

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