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The Ritchie Combi Clamp is a versatile and efficient solution for sheep handling, designed to make tasks such as dagging, drenching, vaccinating, and tagging easier and more convenient. The width of the Combi Clamp is fully adjustable to accommodate different sizes of sheep, and the linkage can be adjusted to suit different weights.


Versatile Design: Your all-in-one solution for sheep handling tasks like dagging, drenching, vaccinating, and tagging. Its versatile design ensures that these essential jobs are made easier and more convenient for you.
Adjustable Width: The width of the Combi Clamp is fully adjustable, accommodating sheep of different sizes. No matter the breed or age, you can trust that this clamp will get the job done.
Tailored to Your Needs: Its linkage is adjustable to suit different operator weights, ensuring a comfortable and controlled working experience.
Freedom of Movement: A large foot treadle allows you to move freely while effectively restraining the animal for treatment.
Non-Return Hock Bar: Features a simple yet effective non-return hock bar, adding to the safety and ease of operation.
Choose Your Side: Set up the clamp for either left or right-hand operation, ensuring it suits your specific preferences.
Complete Package: It includes an auxiliary frame with orange tubs, adding extra functionality to your sheep handling setup.
Built to Last: The Ritchie Combi Clamp is a portable unit with a mechanical operation and boasts a robust hot-dip galvanized finish. This ensures its durability and longevity, even in demanding farm environments.


Length: 3800mm
Width: 1300mm
Height: 1100mm
Weight: 200kg

Your reliable partner for smoother and more efficient sheep management. Make your farm tasks easier; order yours today.

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