Ritchie 3 Way Shedding Gate

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Introducing the Ritchie 3 Way Shedding Gate,a fantastic choice for minimal stress and efficent sheep handling designed with farmers like you in mind.


Streamlined Workflow: This innovative shedding gate allows you to move your sheep in three directions, optimizing your workflow and minimizing stress on your animals.
Versatile Drafting: With the Ritchie 3 Way Shedding Gate, you have the flexibility to draft your sheep to either side or guide them through in a straight run.
Rubber Floor: Your animals comfort and safety are paramount. That’s why this shedding gate comes equipped with a rubber floor, ensuring a secure and comfortable environment during handling.
Seamless Integration: Designed to easily attach to the exit end of the Combi Clamp, this shedding gate becomes an integral part of your existing setup.
Convenient Operation: Operate the gate effortlessly from the working position at the clamp, reducing the need for extra manpower and streamlining your operations.

Improve your sheep handling experience with this 3 Way Shedding Gate. It’s an efficient and adaptable solution that will make managing your sheep easier. Make the smart choice for your farm today.

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