Ritchie Draft Pro Swing Gate With Tru-Test Ezi Weigh 7i

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The digital weighing solution tailored for pigs and lambs, designed to streamline your livestock sorting process.


Mesh Floor: Comes equipped with a mesh floor, ensuring the comfort and safety of your livestock during weighing and sorting.
Seamless Integration: Designed to be easily incorporated into your existing race setup, making it a convenient addition to your farm infrastructure.
Efficient Drafting: With 3-way drafting capabilities, this system significantly enhances your operational efficiency when sorting sheep.
Portability: Large fold-out wheels and transport handles make it easy to move and position the Ritchie Draft Pro wherever it’s needed on your farm.
Swing Gate: The swing gate design allows for easy access and exit for your livestock, simplifying the weighing and sorting process.
EID Compatibility: This system is EID (Electronic Identification) compatible, enabling advanced data collection and management.
4-Point Weighing: Experience improved accuracy in weight measurement thanks to the 4-point weighing system, ensuring precise data for your livestock.
Tru-Test Ezi-Weigh 7i: This system comes complete with the trusted Tru-Test Ezi-Weigh 7i, a reliable name in livestock weighing technology.


Weight: 105kg

Internal Dimensions

Length: 1300mm
Width: 410mm
Height: 760mm

External Dimensions

Length: 1515mm
Width: 760mm
Height: 1015mm

Efficiency, accuracy, and ease of use, the Ritchie Draft Pro is the ultimate solution for farmers and vets seeking to optimize their livestock sorting and weighing processes. Make a smart investment in your farming operations today.

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