Bateman Sheep Draftweigh With Loadcell

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The Bateman Sheep Draftweigh with Loadcell is the perfect solution for efficient and minimal hassle sheep management. This versatile unit combines weighing, tag reading (optional extra), and manual drafting into a single, easy-to-operate system. Designed with the needs of farmers and vets in mind, it’s the ideal tool for various sheep-related tasks.


Tru Test Compatible: Equipping this unit with Tru Test weighing/EID units is quick and straightforward, ensuring accurate data collection.
Full Access: Enjoy excellent access from above the animal, making operations smooth and efficient.
In-line Operation: Seamlessly integrates with other handling equipment, allowing you to create a customized setup tailored to your needs.
Fully Portable: The unit is equipped with fold-out handles and wheels, making it easy to move and set up wherever needed.
Quick Release Front Exit Gate: Smooth handle operation from the front exit gate ensures a secure and controlled environment.
Side Drafting Gates: User-friendly and compatible with any hand, these gates simplify the drafting process.


Length: 1385mm
Depth: 575mm
Height: 1070mm

The Bateman Draftweigh is your partner in efficient sheep management. From weighing to drafting, it’s a comprehensive solution designed to streamline your operations. Trust in Bateman’s quality and innovation for your livestock management needs.

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