Suttons Onion (spring) Seeds – Lilia

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Onion (spring) Seeds – Lilia
Onion ‘Lilia’ is a dual-purpose Italian variety with a particularly pungent flavour to it. This crop can be harvested as either spring onions, salad onions or be left to become bulb onions for winter use and storing. So perhaps see what kind of onion you fancy at the time!

If you opt to grow this as a salad onion, it has will boast lovely, dark green leaves and a shiny, deep red inner core. However, when fully matured, it develops and grows into its more defined red and white inner rings.

When ‘Lilia’ is in the process of growing, if you decide to harvest your onions at each stage (spring/salad), you will in fact be allowing the plants to mature without the need for further thinning! This is certainly a winning onion that deserves a place in your veg garden!

For salads, best sown in broad drills sparingly, into finely raked, firmed soil at a depth of 1cm in rows 30cm apart. (Germination 14-21 days). No thinning necessary. Bulbs will be quite large if left to mature. Sow a pinch of seed regularly for continuous production. For bulb onions best sown 3-4 seeds per small pot in a propagator or greenhouse during March/April at approx 15C eventually planting outside. Best grown in ground that has been manured the previous autumn. Water freely in dry weather.

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