Suttons Sweet Pea High Scent

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One of the most beautifully scented sweet peas available! Attractive blush pink flowers with a deeper lavender blue petal margin. Average Packet Contains 22 seeds.

For early flowering sow 3 seeds 13mm deep per 10cm pot in a greenhouse or indoors at approximatenly 13-15 celsius. Germination takes between 10-21 days on average. Acclimatise the plants to outside conditions and plant out in April to May with space of 15-23cm per plant. Alternatively, sow directly into finely raked, moist, warm, weed free soil where the plants are to flower 13mm deep in late April to May. Thin seedlings to achieve a final spacing of 12-23cm per plant. Remove the growing tips after 3-4 pairs of leaves have developed to promote more flowers and a bushier plant. May also be sown in September to October in a cold frame/unheated greenhouse over the winter. Plant out young plants in March to April to provide the earliest blooms possible.

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