Tru-test Eid SRS2I Stick Reader

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Eligible for the Farming Equipment and Technology Funding – FETF82

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As a dedicated farmer, you understand the importance of keeping track of your animals. The Tru-test Eid SRS2i Stick Reader is here to simplify this crucial task. Designed with you in mind, it’s a must-have for managing cattle, sheep, and deer efficiently.


Clear and Readable Display: The SRS2i boasts a large, highly readable color LCD screen. You can easily view session counts, EIDs (Electronic Identification), and pre-loaded VID numbers even in bright sunlight.
Efficient Tag Reading: With the ability to read up to 1100 tags per minute, you can breeze through your livestock management tasks swiftly and accurately.
Bluetooth Connectivity: Thanks to Bluetooth® wireless technology, you can connect seamlessly with your weigh scale indicator. Plus, you can effortlessly send session information via the Data Link smartphone app.
Vibrating Handle: Receive quick feedback through the vibrating handle, ensuring you know when a tag is successfully read.
User-Friendly Design: Quick access keys make navigation easy, and the stick reader is designed to be practical and safe to use, even with those hard-to-reach animals.
Rugged and Ergonomic: Built to withstand the demands of farm life, the SRS2i is both rugged and ergonomically designed, ensuring it stands up to daily use.
Extensive Storage: With the capacity to store over 200,000 tags, you won’t have to worry about running out of space for your data.
Data Management: Easily download recorded information to your Windows computer or Apple iOS/Android smartphone for comprehensive data management.


LCD Screen Size: 41 mm x 55 mm
Read Performance: 1100 tags/minute
Battery Life: Up to 19 hours
Storage: Up to 250,000 tags

Take control of your livestock management with the Tru-test Eid SRS2i Stick Reader. It’s the tool you’ve been waiting for to streamline your operations and ensure the well-being of your animals. Invest in precision and efficiency today.

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