Harpers Feeds 19% Prelamber Nut with Rumenco LIFELINE 25KG

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Featuring added Rumenco LIFELINE, this diet is based on Harpers Feeds 19% Intensive Ewe which is high in both energy and undegradable proteins. Aiming to get Ewes into the right condition during lambing and promotes easier birth, livelier lambs and reduced mortalities.

Featuring LIFELINE , this suppliment supports easier lambing and contains vital minerals, vitamins and trace elements to help Ewes.
Includes good levels of selenium & vitamin E to support lambs and provide extra vigour.
The included blend of natural boosters such as lactose, mannan-oligosaccharides & beta-glucans help to support the immune system and colostrum quality.

Key Benefits:

19% Protein Nut designed to be fed to prolific ewes
High inclusion of quality protein raw materials giving the ewe sufficient protein in terms of undegradable DUP requirements maximising milk production
For flocks scanning 180%+
Suitable for pedigree and commercial
Feed to lowland and upland ewes
Will improve colostrum quality to ensure strong lambs with vigour increasing survival rates
High inclusion of energy sources resulting in a high ME concentrate
Will complement poorer forage resulting in still meeting the ewes requirements
Available in 6mm nut form
Also available as a 21% Protein to be fed alongside low protein forages. Contact Harpers Feeds for further information.

Nutritional Information:

  Inclusion Rate (%)
Protein 19
Fibre 8.5
Ash 6.6
Oil 3.8
Starch 18.95
Sugar 8.94

What is Lifeline?

Lifeline is produced by Rumenco and is included in this feed, intended to be fed during the 6 week feeding window before lambing.

Lifeline provides the following benefits:
Promotes easier lambing, through watery birth with lambs presenting themselves in the correct way
Improved colostrum quality proven to increase IgG levels by 25%
High energy, from several sources, ideal for ewes at risk of twin lamb disease
Includes a blend of nutritional boosters, including lactose, mannan-oligosaccharides and beta-glucans to support the ewe’s immune function
Includes good levels of selenium and vitamin E, to support lamb vigour

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