Tubby Pro/Post Lambing – 14kg

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Tubby Pro/Post Lambing mineral lick 14kg, the ultimate solution for ensuring healthy and thriving lambs. This specially formulated supplement addresses pre-lambing issues and provides essential support during the crucial post-lambing period.

One of its key benefits is encouraging colostrum quality and quantity, which is vital for the lamb’s early immune system development. With improved lamb growth and supported lamb vigour, you can expect strong and active lambs from the start.

Tubby Pro/Post Lambing also enhances mucosal cell production, ensuring easier and smoother lambings. This means less stress for the ewes and more successful deliveries.

Suitable for both pre and post-lambing ewes, this 14kg tub contains a comprehensive blend of essential micro-nutrients. By improving muscle integrity, the formula helps promote unassisted lambing, reducing the need for intervention during birthing.

To reap the full benefits, start feeding the supplement 8 weeks before the expected lambing date and continue for 2 weeks after lambing. This strategic feeding period ensures your ewes and newborn lambs receive the necessary support for optimal health and development.

Tubby Pro/Post Lambing also contains Selenium and Vitamin E, crucial components that help break down brown fat in newborn lambs. This process provides essential energy to assist the lambs in the first 6 hours after birth, ensuring they start life with strength and vitality.

For a successful and thriving lambing season, trust Tubby Pro/Post Lambing – the reliable choice for happy and healthy lambs.

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