Tubby Sheeps Feet 14kg

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Introducing Tubby Sheeps Feet – 14kg, the essential mineral lick supplement for maintaining sheep’s feet integrity. This palatable lick supports healthy hoof structure, ensuring optimum performance for your flock. By aiding a robust immune system, it enhances production and overall performance.

Feeding Tubby Sheeps Feet is hassle-free, with dependable intake levels at grass, thanks to its low-labour free access design. Suitable for all sheep, ewes, and lambs, this 14kg tub ensures comprehensive hoof care for your entire flock.

For best results, feed this mineral supplement for a minimum of 8 weeks, making it ideal for use during the wet season. Trust Tubby Sheeps Feet – 14kg to provide the necessary support and ensure the well-being of your sheep’s feet, promoting their overall health and performance.

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