Harpers Feeds Harvest Super Lamb Mix 20kg

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The Super Lamb Mix is a molassed coarse blend which is highly palatable, and is perfect for show sheep.
Helps promote muscle development and higher quality wool.
Can be fed to prepare sale stock.

Key Benefits:

Boasts versatility in its suitability for a variety of lambs, including show and sale stock.
Its high palatability makes it ideal for feeding young lambs.
Its 18% protein content and inclusion of micronised peas and maize ensures maximum intake.
The molassed coarse mix comes in 20kg bags.
For show and sale rams, Super Lamb Mix convenient and effective option for highlighting wool quality and muscle definition while promoting optimal performance.

Nutritional Information:

  Inclusion Rate (%)
Protein 18
Fibre 8.33
Ash 8.96
Oil 3.2
Starch 17.5
Sugar 11.05
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