Prattley 3 Point Linkage Sheep Yard

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This Easy to use Prattley 3 Point Linkage Sheep Yard can support up to 120 ewes with lambs.
It is versatile and can be moved anywhere on your farm for easy one spot management.

The Drafting Race allows for up to 3 way drafting and is built from highly durable materials that are easy to clean.

Pinned gates are made from a lightweight metal allowing for easy set up thanks to the slotted lugs and pin assembly, allowing for better pen flexability.

The Prattley Sheep Yard is built with a 3 point linkage system. It offers Basic level entry, and is designed to be used with a tractor for easy mobility. Included is a steel race frame and tynes made from high tensile steel.

Staples help reduce stock and dogs getting caught within the equipment. Prevents the gates getting caught in the wind and helps reduce the weight of the gates.


PS00700 Drafting Race (7′)
PS07100 Tractor Unit
PS20500 – x10 Gates (7’ x 36”)
PS20000 – x2 Gates (3’6” x 36”)
PS23700 – x2 L Post

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