Thompson & Morgan Super food Growing Kit

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The kit features five packets of seeds which will allow you to grow Lambs Lettuce (Mâche/Corn Salad), Spring Onion Apache, Carrot Purple Sun, Beetroot Paonazzo D’Egitto and Spinach Apollo, creating a colourful crop of tasty vegetables. Simply soak the peat plugs in water, they expand to roughly seven times their original size, crumble it into the peat pots and add the seeds. There are even handy garden tips to instruct you on how to grow and care for your new plants, helping you to produce wholesome and delicious vegetable crops!
This growing kit is a great present for any garden lover, or alternatively, just as ideal for someone who might like to kick start their gardening hobby with a selection of easy-to-grow, healthy vegetable varieties that will add colour, flavour and beneficial vitamins and minerals to meals – they’ll find it easy with the enclosed growing instructions!
This kit contains:
1 x packet of Lambs Lettuce (Mâche/Corn Salad) seeds
1 x packet of Spring Onion Apache seeds
1 x packet of Carrot Purple Sun seeds
1 x packet of Beetroot Paonazzo D’Egitto seeds
1 x packet of Spinach Apollo seeds
1 x pair of Garden Snips
5 x Starter Growing Peat Pots
5 x Plant Markers
5 x Peat Growing Plugs

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