Suttons Tomato F1 Sweet Million

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A heavy cropping tomato, producing luscious, shiny, red cherry-sized fruit that keep well over a long period. Ideal for the greenhouse or a sunny patio. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.

Sow March for greenhouse growing and April for outdoors, sow in a propagator on a widnowsill or pots or trays in a green house at 18-21 celsius using a quality compost, cover the seeds with 6mm of sieved compost. Germination takes 8-12 days. Transplant seedlings singly into 75mm pots. Grow on, finally planting into olarge pots, grow bags or directly into the green house border; or outdoors 45cm apart when frost risk has passed. Feed regularly and sideshoot as necessary.
Sowing -> Cropping – 17-19 weeks.

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