Suttons Sweet Pea Seeds – Fragrant Boundary

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The newest member of the ‘Fragrant’ family, producing 1-1.2m tall plants which are perfect to plant as an informal hedge, around a seating area or under a window so that you can appreciate their fragrance. Each plant produces strong tendrils which help to knit the plants together to form a ‘hedge’.

A beautiful mix of highly-scented, bi-coloured flowers in pink, white and blue; its shorter stems make each plant look very attractive and it is excellent as a cut flower for smaller vases. Grandiflora/Heirloom variety. Flowers April-May. Height 100-150cm (39-59″); spread 40-50cm (16-20cm).

Growing Information
For early flowering sow 3 seeds 13mm (1/2″) deep per 10cm (4″) pot in a greenhouse or indoors at 13-15°C (55-59ºF). Plant out in April- May spacing them 15cm (10″) apart. Alternatively, sow direct into moist, warm, weed-free soil where they are to flower 13mm (1/2″) deep, in late April-May. Thin seedlings to achieve a final spacing of 15cm (10″) between plants. May also be sown in September-October in a cold frame/unheated greenhouse. Plant out young plants in March-April to provide early blooms.

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