Suttons Sunflower Seeds – Moonshine

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Bred for cut flower production, ‘Moonshine’ will produce loads of 12-15cm pale yellow flowers with typical black centres.

Plants branch from the base, meaning you can fill a large space with only a few plants.

Loved by bees in the summer and birds for their seeds in autumn. Easy to grow.

Growing Information
Sow the seed thinly direct into finely raked, moist, warm, weed-free soil where the plants are to flower, 1.3cm (1/2″) deep, raking in lightly. Germination up to 14 days. As the seedlings grow thin in stages to achieve a final spacing of 30-45cm (12-18″). For early blooms sow indoors in March, carefully acclimatising plants to outside conditions and plant out mid-late May.

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