Suttons Runner Bean Benchmaster

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Tried and tested for the UK climate, producing pods of over 40cm (16″) in length! It boasts an excellent flavour and a long harvest period. Not only a great culinary variety but also ideal for the exhibition bench.

Sow April – early June in pots or trays on a windowsill or in a greenhouse using a good quality compost. Cover seeds with 38mm (1’4″) compost. Germination 7-14 days. Grow on, planting outside protecting with cloches until frost risk has passed. Alternatively, sow direct during May — June into warm, moist soil prepared by
digging and raking. Erect canes or netting to eventually support the plants, sowing one seed per cane or at 15-23cm (6-9″) intervals along the row, at a depth of 5cm (2″). Regular watering in dry periods spraying flowers with water to assist setting will be amply rewarded by a heavy crop of delicious, tender young beans for
table and freezing. Height: 3m.
Sowing -> Cropping – 12-16 weeks,

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