Suttons Radish Seeds – Felicia

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Radish Seeds – Felicia
A fantastic new colour in French Breakfast types…PURPLE!

Long, slender roots which graduate to white at the tip, perfect to grow their red cousins. Crisp fleshed with a good, peppery flavour, easier to slice than round varieties. Can be used for snacking or garnish; even added to stir fry. Sow Mar-Sept, Harvest April- Oct.

Sow liberally, but not too thickly into finely raked, moist, warm soil at a depth of 1cm in rows 25cm apart. (Germination up to 7 days). Thin seedlings if required. Sow small batches in succession every two weeks throughout the season to give you a constant supply. Grows best in beds which have plenty of organic matter added. Pull roots before they get too big as they can go woody and tough. Water well in dry weather.

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