Suttons Cress Curled

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Can be grown indoors all the year round. Sow on moist tissue and cover with glass or paper until seed germinates. To mature with mustard sow two days in advance. Ready in just 6-8 days. 27 grams.

Sow in trays or punnets of moist compost or moist flannel/blotting paper indoors at intervals throughout the year. Scatter the seed liberally but not too thickly on to the surface, Cover the tray with paper until the seedlings are 25mm high. Cress is ready to cut when the stems are 50mm high. Keep moist at all times. Ready in just 6-8 days. This is the true cress, having a hotter taste than punnet bought “cress”.
Sowing -> Cropping: 1 week.

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