Suttons Arum Lily ‘Pink Splash’

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These glamorous Arum Lilies are the sort of plant to really make you swoon! Throughout summer Arum Lily ‘Pink Splash’ bears fluted pink spathes held on long stems above glossy foliage. They make striking specimens for a sunny patio, as summer bedding or grown indoors. Highly valued by florists and expensive to buy as cut flowers, their long stems make for superb, long-lasting, vase displays. Height: 75cm (30in). Spread: 40cm (16in).

These glamorous Arum Lilies are the sort of plant to really make you swoon!
Growing Information
These half hardy Arum Lilies are best grown in containers that can be moved to a dry, frost free position during winter. For outdoor growing, choose a frost-free, warm and sheltered position in full sun. They require rich, fertile compost which is full of organic matter.

Water regularly throughout the growing season and ensure that the soil is kept reliably moist. Feed every 2 weeks until the flowers have faded. In winter, move Arum Lilies indoors to a dry and frost free location and keep at a minimum temperature of 10°C (50°F). Keep plants in the dark, allowing the leaves to die down and the plant to go dormant. Provide little or no water over the winter. Recommence watering when new shoots appear in spring.

Caution: Contact with Zantedeschia sap may irritate the skin and eyes. All parts are harmful if eaten.

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