Gallagher SmartReader HR4

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The HR4 is able to read EID tags, store, and display animal data. This makes it easier for a farmer to take important decision on the spot. The large, clear LCD screen makes it easy to read the data, even in bright sunlight!

The HR4 is able to read ear tags easily and continuously; it can even read several ear tags at the same time. Furthermore, the HR4 is able to store various animal traits, such as sex, breed, condition and more. You can create a pre-selection on the basis of weight, condition and more to sort the animals in that way.

Collect data, using pre-defined traits

Choose multiple traits to record against each animal such as breed, sex, condition score, and pregnancy status

Make drafting decisions in the yard. Pre-defined sort groups are assigned a colour to quickly identify the animal you are looking for

View animal history – see past traits, activities and life data previously recorded against that EID number.

Easy to connect to other devices with cable, Bluetooth, or wifi.
Animal Performance Software (APS) included.
Half-duplex (HDX) and full-duplex (FDX-B) ISO compliant
Market-leading ergonomic design
Internal memory for over 100,000 tags for later download to computer
A single vibration is felt in the handle with every successful EID tag read

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