Tru-Test HD5T Load Bars

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When it comes to weighing your livestock in the demanding environment of a crush, you need equipment you can count on. That’s where Tru-Test HD5T load bars come into play. These load bars are built for durability; they are designed to withstand harsh agricultural conditions and provide you with the most reliable weighing setup for your animals.


Easy Installation: You can easily bolt the load bars to your crush and then secure them to a level concrete surface. No need for additional assistance or a complicated setup.
Sealed Load Cell: Tru-Test understands the importance of protecting your equipment from moisture damage. That’s why these load bars feature a sealed load cell, allowing them to remain outside under the crush without worry.
Corrosion Resistance: The load bars are constructed from galvanized steel, ensuring they can endure even the harshest agricultural environments. You can trust that they will last for the long haul.
Robust Cabling: Heavy-duty TPR/PVC cables are a standard feature of the HD5T load bars. These cables minimize the likelihood of damage, ensuring the reliability of your weighing system.


Max Load: 5000kg

Improve your weighing setup with the Tru-Test HD5T load bars, and experience the reliability and durability needed for your farm’s success.

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