Tru-Test EID ID5000 Indicator

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It’s never been easier to keep track of your animals growth & performance to make informed decisions than with the ID5000. It features Tru-Test’s unique Superdamp™ technology, which was designed for speed and accuracy and has proven itself since its introduction to the market 10 years ago.


Proven Technology: Tru-Test’s Superdamp™ weighing technology, which has been refined for over a decade, ensures lightning-fast speed and pinpoint accuracy in weight measurement.
Built for the Farm: Designed to thrive in the harshest outdoor farm conditions, the ID5000 is as rugged as it is reliable. It can handle the challenges of your farm environment with ease.
Next-Generation Performance: Features a high-brightness screen that’s easy to read in any yard conditions, and it offers quicker setup and data access.
Enhanced Data Management: Take control of your farm data like never before. The ID5000 allows you to store up to 250,000 records across 250 weighing sessions. Plus, you can record valuable information for each animal, including breed, sex, or other traits.
Track Performance: Gain valuable insights by calculating and visualizing your animals’ weight gain. This feature allows you to make informed decisions for healthier, more productive livestock.
Efficient Drafting: Achieve efficient sorting with up to 5-way drafting by weight, weight gain, and single criteria. This capability simplifies the management of your livestock.
Personalized Setups: Tailor the ID5000 to your specific needs with pre-loaded common setups or save your favorite configurations. Switching between tasks has never been easier.


Max Records: 250,000
Max Weigh Sessions 250

Experience the precision, reliability, and efficiency that the ID5000 brings to your farm. Make informed decisions, track performance, and streamline your operations with its wide range of features.

Want to learn more about the ID5000? View the manual below.

ID5000 Manual

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