Tru-Test EID XRP2 Sheep System

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Eligible for the Farming Equipment and Technology Funding – FETF74

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Introducing the Tru-Test EID XRP2 Sheep System, a technological leap forward in efficient and accurate sheep management. Designed with farmers in mind, this system combines cutting-edge features with user-friendly functionality to revolutionize how you handle sheep.


Versatile Tag Compatibility: Reads all ISO HDX and FDX-B tags, ensuring compatibility with your existing livestock tagging system.
Plug and Play Setup: Setting up the XRP2 is easy, allowing you to integrate it quickly into your livestock management routine.
Wireless or Wired EID Transfer: Benefit from the convenience of wireless EID transfer using Bluetooth® Class 1 technology. Alternatively, use the supplied serial communication cable for a wired connection.
Ample Data Storage: Record scanned tags into session files, with the capacity to store up to 20,000 tags in memory.
Comprehensive Software: Included Data Link PC software for Windows* simplifies data management and reader configuration. Additionally, the Data Link app for Android* smartphones enables remote data transfer, allowing you to stay connected wherever you are.
Impressive Read Performance: The XRP2 boasts superior read speeds, with up to 1,000 reads per minute for FDX and up to 850 reads per minute for HDX.
Flexible Read Distances: Whether you’re using a single large antenna for up to 1 meter of read distance or a single small antenna for up to 700 mm, the XRP2 adapts to your needs. An optional dual antenna adaptor can almost double your read distance.
Clear Feedback: A daylight-viewable screen, bright lights, and a buzzer provide clear feedback on the status of scanned tags and setup options.
Power Options: Choose between connecting to a 12-24 V battery or using the supplied mains power adapter to suit your power source.
Built to Last: The XRP2 is encased in an IP67 waterproof case with double-walled construction and rubber corner buffers, ensuring durability and longevity in challenging agricultural environments.


Read Speeds:
FDX: 1000/rpm
HDX: 850/rpm

Antena Read Distance: 700mm
Max stored tags: 20,000
Waterproofing: IP67
Antenna size: 410 x 340 x 10/33 mm
Weight: 2.5kg


Tru-Test XRP2 EID Reader x1
Tru-Test Small Antena x1

Upgrade your sheep management with the Tru-Test EID XRP2 sheep System. Make every data collection session efficient, accurate, and minimum hassle.

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