Tru-Test EID XRS2i Stick Reader

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Eligible for the Farming Equipment and Technology Funding – FETF81

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Unlock the power of data-driven livestock management with the Tru-Test EID XRS2i Stick Reader. Tailored for farmers, this innovative tool helps you make informed decisions about your cattle, sheep, or deer, enhancing individual animal performance and streamlining critical tasks like health assessments, mating, and culling.


Multi-Species Use: Suitable for cattle, sheep, and deer, the XRS2i is a versatile solution for various livestock management needs.
Flexible Data Entry: The alphanumeric keypad provides flexibility for data entry, making it easy to capture important details.
Sunlight-Viewable Display: The 2.7” colour LCD screen ensures readability even in bright outdoor conditions.
Fast Tag Reads: Enjoy rapid tag reads with instant feedback through the vibrating handle.
Customizable Alerts: Tailor alerts to your needs, including cull alerts, to simplify decision-making.
Organized Sessions: Add and edit session names to keep track of each data collection session.
Custom Data Fields: Capture up to 15 pieces of customized information for each animal, such as breed, sex, date of birth, and condition score.
Bluetooth® Wireless Technology: Stay connected with your weight scale indicator and share information effortlessly using your smartphone. The XRS2i utilizes Bluetooth® wireless technology to streamline data sharing.
Multi-Platform Compatibility: Easily download recorded information using your Windows computer or Apple iOS/Android smartphone.


Custom Fields: Up to 15
Tag Compatibility: ISO, HDX, FDX
Max Record Storage: 1,000,000
Battery Life: 19 hours of push-to-read and 9.5 hours of continuous read
Reads Per Minute: 1,100
Waterproofing: IP67

The Tru-Test EID XRS2I Stick Reader is your gateway to efficient, data-driven livestock management. Streamline your operations, make informed decisions, and improve your livestock performance with this powerful tool.

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