Harpers Lamb Finisher Nuts

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To be used as a Ad-Lib feed, it provides fast and effective finishing to lambs.
A unique mix of cereals & root ingredients to provide the lambs meat with additional fat colour and flavour.
Features Ammonia Chloride to reduce the pH of the urine to prevent urinary calculi.

Key Benefits:

The Lamb Finisher is an excellent option for quick and efficient finishing of lambs. It is specifically designed for lambs that have the required frame but lack finish.
This product can be offered through creep feeders when lambs are grazing outside.
Can be fed ad-lib to housed lambs.
Containing a balanced formulation of 15% protein and adequate levels of fibre.
Lamb Finisher is suitable to be fed from ten weeks old.
It ensures lambs are effectively utilising protein and starch for growth and the required level of finish.
The Lamb Finisher is available in 6mm nut size, in bags weighing 25kg or 500kg. Also in bulk.
To reduce the risk of urinary calculi, Lamb Finisher includes ammonia chloride as standard. Reducing the pH level in urine which leads to urinary calculi.

Nutritional Information:

  Inclusion Rate (%)
Protein 15
Fibre 9.7
Ash 8.83
Oil 4.05
Starch 22
Sugar 8.26
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