Get your buildings ready for winter

will your buildings be ready when the cows come in?

Now is the time when cows are being housed.  So now is the time to get ahead of the game and make sure your buildings will allow the cows to milk to their potential.

Making the time to walk the buildings soon, checking the condition they are in and deciding what repairs or replacements are required will mean you have time to have the buildings ready well before they need to be used.  Leave it late, and you may have to rush to get changes made or adapt your plan.

Are buildings water-tight?

After the gales in the spring, were roofs damaged?  Are gutters all in good condition because this will affect shed dampness and avoid water logged areas.  Are gutters all in good condition? Leaks can lead to wet bedding and other problems.

Will the cows be comfortable?

You need your cows lying down for around 14 hours per day which means cubicles must be comfortable.  Check for damaged or broken partitions and replace as required.  We stock cubicle systems from several of the leading manufacturers.

With straw likely to be expensive this year, consider mattresses to maximise cow comfort.

Don’t let anything stop them eating.

Maximising dry matter intakes is key so anything that discourages cows from eating is costing you money.  Make sure the feed barrier makes it easy for them to eat so intakes are not affected.  Replace any bent rails and any damaged concrete to avoid damage to your herd and yourself.  We can supply a number of different barriers to make sure your cows have easy access to feed.

Water is key.

Make sure you have enough water troughs with adequate flow.  We are seeing increased interest in stainless steel troughs with fast emptying bungs because they are more robust that galvanised and prevent problems with joints that are an issue with tipping troughs.  Fit them with a fast filling ball valve and your cows will always have plenty of clean, fresh water.

Time spent getting ahead of the game with your sheds will have big benefits next winter with more comfortable, better-performing cows.  We supply equipment from a range of suppliers and are happy to visit and offer advice on getting your buildings fit for the winter.

To arrange a visit or for more information, please call Guy Barriball on 07384 811 401

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