Merial Frontline Plus Cat and Ferret 3pk

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FRONTLINE Plus® is an advanced product that not only kills fleas and ticks on your cat, but also stops the flea eggs that fall off your cat from hatching and infesting your home.

Kills fleas on your pet within 24 hours
Stops flea eggs hatching in your home
Kills ticks within 48 hours, helping to reduce the risk of tick-borne disease
Kills lice
Available in 1, 3 and 6 dose packs

Use every 4 weeks to help protect your cat from fleas and ticks*

FRONTLINE Plus® is a veterinary medicine with an exemplary safety profile. Suitable for cats from 8 weeks of age that weigh at least 1 kg and ferrets from 6 months of age. It can also be used on cats in pregnancy.

If your cat or ferret is unwell, please see your vet for advice before you apply a flea treatment. FRONTLINE Plus® Cat is not suitable for use on rabbits.

Legal classification: NFA-VPS (available over-the-counter from a Vet, Pharmacist or Suitably Qualified Person).

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