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Bayer Dronspot Spot-On Worming Solution for Large Cats is a highly effective and convenient spot-on treatment designed to target intestinal worms in cats weighing 5 – 8kg. With just a single easy-to-use application, you can protect your cat against roundworms and tapeworms, common types of intestinal worms in the UK. Regular use of Dronspot, either when symptoms occur or every 3 months (based on your pet’s lifestyle), helps minimize the risk of worm infestations. Each 1.12ml pipette contains 24mg emodepside and 96mg praziquantel, ensuring comprehensive protection for your feline friend. Say goodbye to struggling cats, stressed-out owners, and those pesky worms!

Part Number
Size / Colour
2 X 1.12ML / L
2 X 0.7ML / M
2 X 0.35ML / S