Bateman Cattle Hurdle 1750mm

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When it comes to managing your cattle and creating secure fencing and pens, the Bateman Cattle Hurdle is the solution you’ve been searching for. These hurdles come in various sizes, and what makes them truly exceptional is their ability to be joined together seamlessly, regardless of whether you have matching Bateman hurdles or not.


Sturdy Construction: Bateman understands the demands of farm life, and that’s why their cattle hurdles are built with the strongest construction possible. You can rely on their durability even in rugged farming conditions.
Portability: Despite their robust build, these cattle hurdles are designed to be portable. This means you can easily move and adjust them as needed on your farm, making them a versatile addition.


Length: 2500mm or 3000mm
Height: 1750mm

Their combination of strength, portability, and versatility makes them an essential asset on any farm. Whether you need to create secure pens or flexible fencing, these hurdles have you covered.

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