Thompson & Morgan Rainbow Salad Growing Kit

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The kit features five unique packets of seeds allowing you to grow Cucumber Crystal Apples, Lettuce Amaze, Spring Onion Apache, Radish Rainbow and Beetroot Chioggia. The packet of Lettuce Amaze Seeds produces a lovely crisp red leaved variety that adds contrasting colours to salads as well as wonderful flavours. Spring Onion Apache is an attractive purple-red skinned spring onion that provide a mild kick and colour to salads, they are also extremely easy to grow. Radish Rainbow Seeds are quick growing, have vibrant roots of purple, red, white and gold and have a tangy, refreshing flavour. Beetroot Chioggia Seeds is a sweet and tender variety of beetroot that is vibrant red in colour with an attractive contrasting inner flesh of white and red. Cucumber Crystal Apple is a unique addition to this growing kit. This fascinating variety produces large golf ball sized fruits that are crisp and sweet in flavour.
Simply soak the peat disks provided in water, they expand to roughly seven times their original size, crumble it into the peat starter growing pots and add the seeds. There are even handy garden tips to instruct you on how to grow and care for your new colourful crops, maximising your potential yield.
This kit contains:
1 x Packet of Cucumber Crystal Apples Seeds
1 x Packet of Lettuce Amaze Seeds
1 x Packet of Spring Onion Apache Seeds
1 x Packet of Radish Rainbow Seeds
1 x Packet of Beetroot Chioggia Seeds
1 x Pair of Garden Snips
5 x Starter Growing Peat Pots
5 x Plant Markers
5 x Peat Growing Plugs

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