Suttons Tomato Crimson Crush F1

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As well as its ability to shrug off even the worst blight, Crimson Crush will provide great yields of exceptionally fine tasting, large, round tomatoes (each weighing up to 200g). Bred for outdoor growing, it’s the tomato that everyone should be planting !

Using a good quality, moist seed compost. sow your seeds in a propagator and cover with 6mm compost. Place on a windowsill or in a greenhouse at approx. 21-24C to germinate, usually 5-7 days. Transfer seedlings into 7.Scm (3”) pots and grow on. Performs well in a large pot on a patio or most productive when grown in a greenhouse. Plant out in a sunny, sheltered position 50cm apart after risk of frost has passed. Support your plants as the fruit develops. Feed regularly with a proprietary fertiliser.
Sowing -> Cropping: 22 Weeks.

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