Suttons Squash F1 Butternut- Hunter

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An early ripening butternut variety providing a very heavy crop throughout late summer and autumn. Fruit are a lovely buff colour, with fine-flavoured orange flesh, and store well. Average fruit weight 800g – 1Kg. Trailing type.

Sow April/early June in a propagator on a windowsill or one seed (on edge) per 7.5cm pot in a greenhouse at approx 20-25C (68-78°F) using a good quality moist compost. Cover seeds with 19mm compost. Germination 5-8 days. Grow on, planting out when frost risk has passed, 90cm between plants each way. Alternatively sow direct late May in to soil placing 2 seeds per station 90cm each way. Thin to one plant per station. Produces up for 5 fruits around 1kg each. (Trailing variety).
Sowing -> Cropping -> 14 weeks.

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