Suttons Sanvitalia Seeds – The Hanging Basket Sunflower

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Sanvitalia Seeds – The Hanging Basket Sunflower
Would you like to grow your own sunflowers but outdoor space is limited? Then our Sanvitalia seeds are perfect for you! With this variety, you can grow mini sunflowers in hanging baskets and containers, that boasts classic sunshine yellow flowers with a dark brown centre. These cascading plants are perfect to tumble from baskets and pots, growing an abundance of attractive little ‘sunflower’ like blooms around 2cm wide per flower head.

Sanvitalia produces well-branched plants that can extend up to 15-25cm high, cascading around 60cm and are sturdy and robust. It is unlikely for these to be damaged by winds and rain, so it is great for UK gardens. However, as we all know, sunflowers prefer the sunniest place you can grow them and they are annual plants, so they will come into bloom from June to the first frosts (usually October). For a longer flower period, make sure to regularly deadhead your plants so you can enjoy the sunshine sunflowers for longer!

Sow onto moist compost and cover with a fine layer of vermiculite, then place on a warm windowsill or propagator at 18-20C (Germination 14-21 days). Keep seeds moist, but not waterlogged. When large enough to handle, transplant into individual pots and grow on. After all chance of frost has passed, harden plants off before planting outside in containers or hanging baskets.

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