Suttons Nasturtium Seeds – Purple Emperor

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Nasturtium ‘Purple Emperor’ is a unique and unusual variety with intricate colouring! These elegant
buds open as dark burgundy then fade to shades of dusky rose, providing a classy and vintage look. Its trailing habit makes it ideal to use as ground cover or cascading out of a patio pot or a container on the balcony.

Each beautiful bloom has a splash of yellow in the throat of the flower and the leaves and flowers can be used in homemade salads for a peppery taste, similar to rocket leaves! These leaves can also be used to make pesto, for homemade Italian dishes too. Or how about pickling the seed pods? This can create the traditional ‘poor man’s capers’.

Sow directly into moist, warm, weed-free soil where they are to flower at a depth of 13mm (½”). (Germination 7–14 days). As the seedlings develop, thin to 25cm (10″) spacings. Alternatively, seeds can be started off ¾ per 7.5cm pot and kept on a sunny windowsill until the last frost has passed.

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