Suttons Brussels Sprout Seeds – Brodie F1

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The ultimate Christmas sprout the whole family will love!
Brussels sprouts Brodie is the top end supermarket choice and now you have the chance to grow this delicious vegetable for a fraction of the price! Harvesting from September to December, it’s the ideal addition to your winter crop. Buttons also stay fresh on the plants for months and can continue into February. Brussels sprout plants are ideal for beds and borders or raised beds. Height 71-80cm (28-31″); spread 41-50cm (16-20″).

Exceptionally mild in flavour, the Brodie won’t leave a bitter aftertaste. It’s the perfect brussel sprout for the whole family including the kids. Whether you love them or hate them, Brussels Sprouts are the must-have addition to any Christmas dinner. Why not try these sprouts steamed or roasted with smoky bacon or pancetta?

Growing Information
Sow thinly direct into a finely raked, weed-free seedbed at a depth of 1.3cm (½”). Germination 7-14 days. Transplant when large enough to handle allowing 60cm (24″) between plants each way. Alternatively, seeds can be started off in small pots or modules in a cold frame or cold greenhouse. Plants grow best in a bed that has been manured the autumn before and the ground should be firmed after planting to ensure firm buttons. Pick sprouts from the bottom of the plant and work your way upwards.

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