Gallagher S30 Lithium Solar Fence Energiser & Battery

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The innovative S30li is a 0.3 joule solar energiser with a lithium battery. This technology guarantees a very long life span and reliability.
Weighing less than two kilos and with an extremely compact size, this model is very handy.
Thanks to a larger solar panel and smart battery management system, the battery also charges faster and the device will still function for three weeks even without direct sunlight.


0.3 joule solar energiser with lithium battery
Very high durability and reliability
Very handy thanks to low weight and compactness
Smart battery management system
Works for up to three weeks without direct sunlight


Output with 500 Ohm (V): 2800
Voltage with 100 Ohm (V): 1800
Stored Energy (J): 0.3
Output Energy (J): 0.21
Single Wire Fence distance – Ideal conditions (km): 10
Multi (2) Wire Fence distance – Ideal conditions (km): 3
Multi (2) Wire Fence distance – Light conditions (km): 2
Multi (3) Wire Fence distance – Recommended (km): 1.5
Grid area (Hec/Acre) : 1.5/3
Maximum output Voltage: 9300
Avg. current draw Battery (V/mA) : 3.2V/67
Days operational with no daylight: Upto 20 days
Build-in solar panel: 3.8W
Recommended number of earth stakes: 1x1m
Suitable Stand (height): 571126
IPX classification: IPX4
Warranty (years): 3
Weight (Kg): 1.4
Fence connection wire included
Rechargeable Battery included
Device indicator light On/Off
Battery LED (indicator)
Battery safemode
Auto power conservation to prevent damage to battery
Night savings option
Normal – slow pulse mode

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