Speedrite S1000 Solar Energizer

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Eligible for the Farming Equipment and Technology Funding – FETF106

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This 1.0 joule Speedrite integrated solar fence energiser uses the latest developments in solar energiser technology. It is capable of powering upto 10km while delivering optimum performance, even in low sunlight condtions – ideal for the UK climate! Fully portable, its unique mounting bracket allows easy attachment to steel and timber posts, making it suitable for strip-grazing in remote areas.
Innovations in technology mean solar installations are now a practical and cost effective method of powering areas where mains power is either unavailable or impractical.
Speedrite solar panels and energisers feature high-tech materials and are engineered to rigorous quality standards. This means you can trust Speedrite to transfer energy with minimal loss. The end result is less battery drain while maintaining higher fence voltage.

Part Number
880 0002-626