Ridgidrain Twinwall Bend – 45 Deg

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As a cornerstone of Polypipe’s distinguished non-pressure drainage system, this bend stands as a testament to innovation, engineered to redefine the way we manage stormwater and drainage.

Designed with a multifaceted purpose, this 45-degree bend serves as a pivotal element in attenuation, infiltration, and carrier drain applications. Its capacity to adapt to various contexts makes it an indispensable asset in stormwater management, optimizing the flow of water in both surface and subsurface scenarios.

At its core, the Ridgidrain Twinwall Bend is forged from 100% recycled high-strength HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene), a material that epitomizes environmental responsibility without compromising on durability. The structured twin-wall design empowers this bend with a rare combination of lightweight resilience and robust strength, capable of shouldering heavy traffic loads with unwavering ease.

Beyond its physical attributes, this bend carries a legacy of approvals and certifications. Endorsed by the BBA (British Board of Agrément), BBA HAPAS (Highways Authority Product Approval Scheme), and even Network Rail, its performance has been scrutinized and validated by industry authorities. This leaves you with the assurance that your stormwater management efforts are bolstered by a solution that exceeds expectations.

In addition to its remarkable structural traits, this 45-degree bend embraces a minimum predicted life span of 50 years. It flaunts excellent load-bearing capability while remaining resistant to sulphates and a range of common chemicals, ensuring sustained performance even in challenging conditions.

Crafted with foresight, the Ridgidrain Twinwall Bend is characterized by a low friction inner wall, enhancing hydraulics and optimizing water flow efficiency. The manufacturing precision allows for ease of installation with its 6m lengths, minimizing joints and subsequently enhancing resilience to potential leakages.

With dimensions available in 110mm/45° bend and 225mm/45° bend, this bend accommodates diverse requirements, catering to a range of applications with utmost proficiency.

Choose the Ridgidrain Twinwall 45 Degree Bend as your solution to stormwater management, and experience the synergy of ingenuity, sustainability, and resilience. This bend embodies the spirit of progress, ensuring your drainage needs are met with unparalleled excellence.

Upgrade your stormwater management with Ridgidrain Twinwall Bend. Experience performance reimagined.

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