Maxx Calf Health Bucket

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A unique low moisture molassed feed and mineral bucket to complement existing feeding systems for rearing healthy and productive calves and youngstock.
Key features and benefits:
Contains Diamond V XPC, an all-natural fermentation product proven to show consistent beneficial effects on daily liveweight gain, feed conversion efficiency, ruminal and intestinal development and also support stock through respiratory disease and scouring episodes.
Includes Zinpro Availa® zinc proven to help support immune function and gut integrity for improved lifetime performance and to support immune response at times of stress such as diarrhoea and respiratory challenge.
Contains natural decongestants from plant extracts and essential oils to help support a healthy respiratory system during periods of stress.
Contains Phytotec to support robust digestive health, daily gain and improved feed conversion efficiency.
Balanced minerals, vitamins and trace elements to complement starter and rearer pellets
Manufactured using a unique patented process.
Pack Size: 22.5kg

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