Timac Agro Calsea Nature+ Block

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Calseagrit is the result of a process of micronisation of Marine Calcium.
– 100% Natural product
– Highly porous with a strong buffering effect in the Rumen (pH correction and maintenance)
– Rich in highly available and easily absorbable Calcium and Magneisum
– Naturally rich in Trace Elements e.g. Iodine, Zinc
Sodium BaseSodium base allows ruminants to self-regulate when licking the block (Ruminant will only take what they need).

The Sodium allows for:
– Better digestion of diets
– Stimulated licking and salivation
– Increased production of endogenous ruminal buffer
– Recycling of nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen
– Provides stress relief for animal
– A carrier system which enables increased absorption of minerals
Anti-OxidantsA grape extract which is rich in polyphenols to help reduce stress.

They help to regenerate and strengthen the action of other anti-oxidants e.g. Vitamin E Vitamin C and Selenium.
– Repair damaged and protect cells and cell membranes from stress/damage i.e uterus, udders and feet
– Support immune defences and reduce the risk of infections
BiotechBiotech is a brown seaweed extract
– 100% Natural in origin
– Rich in energy and protein
– Supports nutritional needs of ruminal bacteria

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